Friday, June 22, 2007

Google warming

Laudable initiatives from Google at ensuring that they become a carbon neutral company and beyond. Let's hope that this becomes a template for the corporate world.

Will be interesting to see how much their use their existing destinations as a way of campaigning online, as there are some topics where you shouldn't remain neutral...


Patriot Aus said...

yes i do hope that this happens as well. hopefully in the short term all the companies that are directly competing with Google should pony of the dough and do this as well.

Microsoft are getting in to it as well. they know they are getting into a fight that will probably end in the death of one of the companies, and they know if they dont follow everything google does, they will fold.

So where is yahoo and others when all this is going on.

IBM should also be applauded, their work providing super computes in suporting in climate simulations.

Anonymous said...

You can but hope. Helps that they are based in California where the US is relatively advanced. It's the polluting heartland that really needs to change its ways. It's a crime how one of the world's most technologically advanced countries is the biggest polluter when it can and must do something about it. Bush has so much to answer for.