Wednesday, October 19, 2005

No more, no less, that's the Magic Numbers

Mercury Music prize nominees the Magic Numbers made history when they became the first band to walk out of Top of the Pops. The band is made up of two brothers and two sisters, two of whom are a little larger than your average pop star.

Presenter Richard Bacon introduced the band with the quip: “What do you get when you put two brothers and two sisters in a band? A big fat melting pot.”

Insulted, the band walked off at the gibe about their weight. Bacon has since said that he was 'mortified' and that 'big' referred to their status not their weight.

Who is he trying to kid? The joke is typical Bacon humour, the former Blue Peter presenter who went onto star on the firmly tongue-in-cheek big breakfast and the ever sincere art form that is commercial radio.

Ironically, the furore over the walk out has done the band no harm both in terms of publicity and credibility. It has become a major talking point over the web, showing once again the internet's ability to extend the shelf life of a story and provide those that missed it with the ability to search for all the juicy details.

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Great headline, lol!