Friday, June 03, 2005

Sipping Google Bourbon with GoogleGuy

No, not another Google Gulp drinks launch, but instead the latest algorithm update.

Within the search engine community the mysterious, yet knowledgable, GoogleGuy provides the kind of positive PR that Scoble has been doing for Microsoft. He demonstrates a degree of openness that can only benefit the SEO community and the perception of Google within it.

He has been commenting on the recent Google Bourbon update advising the SEO community that the update is not yet complete:

"Take a break from checking ranks for several more days. Bourbon includes something like 3.5 improvements in search quality, and I believe that only a couple are out so far. The 0.5 will go out in a day or so, and the last major change should roll out over the next week or so. Then there will still be some minor changes after that as well."

GoogleGuy has also demonstrated his openness in a new Questions for GoogleGuy thread with interesting responses on topics such as reinclusions (suggests allowing 4-6 weeks) and why they are not planning on going down the pay-for-inclusion route anytime soon (avoidance of conflict of interest).

After a mammoth Q&A session on the boards, he hints that maybe there's something in this blogging thing after all:

Maybe I ought to get me one of these blog things; I hear they're really popular with the kids these days. :)

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