Thursday, March 10, 2005

Podcasting for Virgins

In a wake-up call for the commercial radio sector, Virgin Radio's Pete & Geoff breakfast show (yes, hoho) has announced that they will be creating a Podcast of the show (almost).

However, with the RIAA and BPI in particularly litigious mood of late, it's hardly surprising that there's no music allowed, as this would apparently constitute illegally downloading.

As a regular listener to the show and a fan of technology, I would surely be in their target audience, but I won't be subscribing anytime soon.

Firstly, while their banter is better than most, it's the music that I, and I suspect the majority, commercial radio listeners tune in for and this places the content firmly in the decaffeinated camp for me.

Secondly, while I appreciate the flexibility of being able to listen to the comedy duo at my own convenience, the 'popcorn' instant hit value of commercial radio hardly makes it worth keeping for posterity or even taking up valuable storage on a rapidly becoming out-of-date MP3 player.

However, I can only applaud Virgin Radio for helping Podcasting take a major step forward into the mainstream, and even if it does just end up as a nice bit of PR, the importance will be in the others that follow their lead.

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