Thursday, February 10, 2005

A Tale of Three Bloggers

An interesting exchange has been brewing between El Blogador and the former apples of his blogger's eye, Johnnie Moore and Hugh of Gaping Void fame.

El Blogador started it with his public renunciation of the unfortunate duo with a rather direct Flushed down the Blog post stating:

"I have unceremoniously removed mssrs Hughtrain and Johnny Moore from my blogroll today. They've spent the past couple of weeks frenziedly banging nails into coffins and I just can't stand the racket any more."

As a man who takes a healthy interest in the blogging of others, Johnny Moore replied with a to-the-point, if tongue-in-cheek, Ouch:

"Oh. El Blogador has had it with me:

Wow, I didn't realise I was making that much noise. And I'm sorry El Blogador won't read my thanks for having listened in the first place as I'm no longer in his reader. It's the "unceremonious" part that stings, surely a flag ceremony and bag pipe jig (or lament) would be justifed?"

A quick look at the growing list of comments revealed a riposte from fellow cast-off Hugh:

"heh. i saw that a while ago. was going to post, but... it's hard enough finding time to post the good bloggers."

As a subscriber to all three blogs, I wonder whether I should take sides and pledge my allegiance to one or Moore?

On a more serious note, is this exchange indicative of my buzzword for 2005 'RSS fatigue'? Both the pleasure and the pain of RSS is being able to keep up with all the latest posts as they happen. It is inevitable that given the niche viewpoints that make many blogs interesting that a repeated theme may end up as a series of 'nails' to an information-overloaded subscriber.

The growth of RSS among regular blog readers makes me wonder if there will become an accepted level of posts, similar to the way we advise people on getting the frequency of email newsletters right.

In truth, most blogs are dependent on the individual's blogger proclivities and some feel the need to do it much more regularly than others. Such a train of thought medium is not suited to a 2-3 times a week limit, as, well, you're not always in the mood, are you? So, it's inevitable that the likes of El Blogador will fall in and out of love with his fellow bloggers.

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