Monday, November 15, 2004

Close the Windows, I have a nasty cold

Kevin Warwick, cybernetics Professor at Reading University (non-UK readers: it's not really a university for illiterates), has clearly not being watching his fair share of science fiction movies. Ignoring the clear warnings from the silver screen from War Games to endless Terminator sequels, he has taken the first steps towards becoming a cyborg by wiring up his arm to a computer to operate a mechanical arm - surely an irresistable opportunity for a hacker to wreak havoc.

He believes that in the future the vast potential of networked brains will render other humans obsolete, proving the old adage that two heads are better than one. As ever, the threat of viruses looms large, with a warning that software and biological viruses could become one and the same in his cyborg-tinted world. If you think Windows paperclip is annoying already, just wait until it starts sneezing all over your document every couple of minutes...

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Anonymous said...

my paperclip already does. i think it's flu.