Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Blinkx and you'll miss it

Much-hyped desktop search tool Blinkx's meteoric rise as the next big thing in search is under threat as soon as it has begun to reach the public consciousness. Blinkx, which boasts 1m unique users since its July launch, was famously revealed to the world through a humble blog posting, which was followed by excited columns in the print press, which helped to propel its legend.

However, its charmed life is about to get more difficult as Google gets in on the act by launching a beta version of its own desktop search tool - Google Desktop Search. A look into my crystal ball reveals further clouds in the form of AOL and Microsoft entering into the fray.

The question is, can Blinkx survive in such a fiercely competitive arena and will its cult status prove strong enough to keep it front of mind in the face of superiour resources? Google's rise is proof that with a great idea the little guys can take over the world, but can it be done in the field of search? Surely not again.


Anonymous said...

maybe not again in search, but they can always sell their technology to one of the big boys, jason ;)

Simone said...

Blinkx came out with a new verison of itself way before Microsoft, Google or Apple. It has some pretty cool features like Smart Folders which organizes your search results. It also keeps searching even after you have stopped and places the new finds in the folders. Check it out. I wanna hear your take on the new and improved.