Friday, May 14, 2004

Gmail account up for sale on e-bay

As has decided to delete my most recent post about Gmail accounts being up for sale on e-bay (maybe it was a little too close to the money?), I'm going to have to put this edited version up for now while it makes it's mind up whether to actually publish it or just to delete 20 minutes work for no good reason.

The post talked about how, as a member of, you were offered a beta Gmail account, an offer which I took up (edited verdict: jury is out for now). Bizarrely a number of people are offering up their accounts for sale on e-bay - the going rate is around $20-30 and there are plenty of early bids.

It makes me wonder whether they know something we don't and a beta Gmail account is the thing to have when the big Google IPO begins if you want first dibs on those goldrush shares.

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