Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Beckham's big move timed to perfection

So, David Beckham has finally moved to Real Madrid. Thus ends months of speculation and tedious press coverage as the hacks became more and more desperate to keep the coverage going despite a lack of geniune news. There was a real tone of surprise that the move happened as the press were expecting it to rumble for at least another couple of weeks.

Great timing from Becks as it coincided lucratively with his publicity tour of Asia (just what IS he doing there?). Perfect for Real's attempts to capture the Asian market and great PR for all concerned.

I just worry what the poor hacks are going to write about now the big story has finally come to an end. The footie season is over, there's little other transfer news. We might as well all just go home until August and get back to being depressed about the England cricket team. At least they obliged yesterday with a pathetic display against Pakistan.