Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Rooney fit? Pigs might fly

After enduring the tedious weeks of Beckham 'will he, won't he be fit' before the last World Cup, the office let out a collective groan when the Scouse Pele Rooney succumbed to that most fashionable of injuries - the broken metatarsal(s).

In this week of hysterical Rooney metatarsal coverage, kudos to today's London edition of the metro for bringing some humour to the whole unfortunate saga:

"A piglet who broke his trotter on the same day Wayne Rooney hobbled off the pitch with a broken metatarsal has been named after the England star... Farmer James Wainhouse, 47, said: 'He even looks like Rooney.'"
Sigh - plays up again

More hassle from after last week it refused for the best part of a day to publish my thoughts on the transient web and valuable advice from, Google, on avoiding RSI. (I'm not aware of any automated editing algorithm as yet...)

Today it is again refusing to play ball, first resulting in an error page when trying to access the site, then taking an eternity to load not only the CMS, but the Netcoms Dot Com blog itself. There is a worrying note at the bottom of the screen 'Could not connect to Saving and publishing may fail'. At least the recover post functionalty works.

Some vague sense of loyalty after 2 years of service is keeping me from switching to WordPress, but,, you have been warned!