Friday, November 18, 2005

Autumn leaves

London this week has seen a transformation of the weather straight from summer to winter, completely bypassing autumn.

One week we were enjoying some of the highest November temperatures on record and then this week the frost started with piercing blue skies and icy winds.

Given the weather extremes that there have been around the globe this year, is this a further evidence of the effect of global warming? Certainly in my 30 odd years living in the south of England, I have noticed a gradual warming over time and an increasing number of freak weather occurences.

Getting slightly back on topic for a blog on internet communications, as ever, ask and the internet will provide. A quick search brings up a number of sites with historical UK weather data, one of which provides statistics on the changes in the UK's climate to back up my more anecdotal evidence.

It confirms that the 1990s were the warmest decade on record in the UK, with four out of five warmest years ever recorded occuring in the 1990s. For the real anoraks out there, you can even check a UK place's temperature on a given day from 1982 onwards and confirm your own theories.

Fascinating, yet worrying. Truly, the internet is the world's reference library.

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